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Dr. Madison Young was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Winnipeg, and her MD from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Young then moved to Calgary to complete a residency in Family Medicine and started practice in early 2017. Dr. Young has an extremely varied practice and enjoys the complexities of providing comprehensive primary care. She provides a modern and up-to-date approach to Family Medicine, using evidence-based medicine in combination with clinical experience, while always maintaining a patient-centered approach. Dr. Young prides herself on the connections she makes with each patient while upholding high standards of professionalism. In addition to offering medical care for you and your family, Dr. Young provides specialized treatment for people who suffer from chronic migraines and also PrEP treatment for individuals at risk of HIV infection.

If you suffer from more than fifteen headache days per month, with at least eight of those days being migraines, and your headaches last at least four hours, you may have Chronic Migraine (CM). Botox is a Health Canada approved treatment for CM and can provide substantial relief to sufferers. By working alongside Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, and a local pharmacy, Dr. Young can often provide this service at no cost to her patients. If you feel you meet these criteria, please call the office for a consultation. Please complete and print the following forms and bring them to your appointment.

Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a way for an HIV-negative person who is at risk of HIV infection to reduce their risk. The daily use of oral PrEP is approved by Health Canada to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV for people at high risk of HIV infection. Use of oral PrEP involves regular medical appointments for monitoring and support. Oral PrEP is highly effective when used consistently and correctly. It is generally safe and well tolerated, and is available by prescription in Canada. If you are interested in talking about this medication in an open and non-judgemental way, please call the clinic for a PrEP consultation. If you are MSM, please print and complete the following form and bring it to your visit.